Holiday Coding and Tech Club

Speaker 1

During the clubs, the children will be taught various elements of coding and computer science, these include:

  • E-Safety – Teaching children how to stay safe online and whilst using computers.
  • Introduction to Coding and Programming – Introduction to block coding
  • Inside of a computer – Children will learn about the components within a computer
  • Understanding algorithms – What is an algorithm and how to write it
  • Breaking down problems and finding solutions in coding – Using real-life tasks
  • BBC Microbits – Various projects
  • Finch Coding – Coding the Finch robot for movement and lighting
  • Raspberry Pi – Various projects
  • Robotic coding – Learning coding through various robotic tasks
  • Electronics – Combining coding with electronics to perform a task
  • Electronics – Constructing mini motors
  • Crumble Bots – Coding tasks using crumble kits
  • Gaming – Coding 1 and 2 player computer game, please bring a USB if you wish to take the games away with you
  • Virtual Reality – Have fun and learn everything about VR

Age: 6 - 14

Date: Dates to be chosen from the website

Where: Creative Industries Centre, Wolverhampton Science Park

Time: 9:30am - 4pm

Cost: £25. Early drop off is extra £2.50 per hour

To book your place please visit and click ‘Individual Day Booking’ and then ‘Holiday Coding Clubs – Wolverhampton’. At the bottom of the page is the booking form.